Beeg is the safest erotic website

The Internet is the greatest knowledge accumulation ever created and the most powerful communication tool that has ever existed on planet Earth. We’ve already filled it with naked ladies and reproductive organs. A few months ago PornHub revealed that Android accounts for 32% of the visits to its website, and that’s why you have to trust beeg to be the place where you search for porn.

In fact, this could be true for any website of doubtful trust and not only pornographic (some are safe, like, but some users have asked us directly about the pages of self-love. We’ve talked about the malware problem in Android many times before, a real problem but it can be solved with some common sense.

Attention to your common sense

Special care needs to be taken when installing applications from untrusted app stores such as Google Play and Amazon. Although there are perfectly secure sources, it is never superfluous to be on high guard and in the face of the slightest doubt as to the legitimacy of the application to prevent its installation.

But what about the navigator? Without a doubt, it will be the most used way to access erotic content, because it is the most comfortable and also the most discreet. The browser is still an application, and if you have permission to write to the memory, it is possible, although it is not at all easy for certain web pages to install some kind of malicious software.

Be careful with what you install

However, to install something Android first asks you for permission, so if you are visiting one of these pages and ask for permission to download or install something, do not accept it. Even the page could download the APK itself, without us giving you permission to download anything, trying to install it without even realizing it. Fortunately, browsers like Chrome always ask us before downloading an APK, although it could happen.

In any case, use your fingertip to reject it, or delete it if it has been downloaded without permission. Again, the best antivirus is your common sense. If there is anything on the web, it’s pornographic pages and some very well known and safe, with enough content to relax you for a while even if you have peculiar tastes.

If you notice more advertising than usual, especially in your browser, you may be infected with malware. In that case, it is best to remove the applications you installed shortly before that started to happen. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll have to pull out the big guns. No, not that one, we mean the factory reset. To do this, go to Settings, go to “Backup and restore” and click on “Restore factory data”. That will leave your Android as if it just came out of the box.