PC or Mac? The hardest question

For more than half of the people, the question between PC Windows and the Apple Mac has an easy answer for reasons of experience, performance, reliability, security, and a long list of reasons we could include, all of them totally valid . But for other people this question is difficult to answer, since the same reasons why people respond easily to this question are the same ones that cause doubts in people who do not know what kind of system to choose.

We found that Mac systems are very reliable, so much so that many of the professionals in graphic design, film and sound, blind, would choose Mac again to work after enjoying sr porno. When you ask the question of ‘Why would you choose Mac again?’, The answer you get many times is simple: ‘Because it’s fast and it works perfectly.’

The biggest giants in computers

But behind that answer there is an important technical section, which is the following: Mac is a system based on UNIX, which is the same on which Linux is based (there are other systems based on UNIX), in which the system load Is lighter than a PC system. UNIX recognizes storage drives as if they were folders within the same root, unlike a PC, which recognizes and mounts them as disk drives, but sets a different root for each drive.

In turn, this type of structure makes Mac, like all UNIX-based systems, do not need an antivirus yes or yes, since virtually all computer viruses are programmed to affect the main partition (drive C) of All PC systems. Also, this way of structuring the system causes that there are not the famous ‘blue screens’ (also called ‘BSOD’) that are in a PC, that often are often caused by hardware failures, or by incompatibilities with the software Installed application; In particular, the latter on Mac happens very rarely.

Lack of factory hardware?

And at the hardware level? In contrast, we see that a PC system is an open structure, so much so that you can assemble it by pieces with ‘on demand’ features. This can cause us to find computers for pieces worth € 750, which mainly exceed hard disk, memory, graphics card and cooling to the Mac Mini, which also has to buy the unit SuperDrive, because it no longer has integrated serial CD / DVD drive. You can also produce computers for pieces worth € 1,300 in all the same sections to all iMac (but not on your screen-retina to 5K), and computers for € 2,700 exceeds the current Mac Pro (although graphics have to Pull through the Titan and Quadro ranges of Nvidia).

It is always difficult to give a categorical answer to this question, and in the end depends very much on the personal taste of each one. Anyway, we hope to have given some clues so that you can decide more easily in your next purchase.