The best adult sites on the Internet

If you are over 18 and want to enjoy the best erotic content, we must strongly recommend you to enter You can see a lot of very sexy videos without compromising the integrity of your computer, and in these cases it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

When you have a desire to watch porno gratis, it is best to opt for reliable websites, because otherwise you risk losing your confidentiality and increase the chances of having a virus. Safety is still a great matter surrounding this kind of sites, so you can never be too careful about it.

How to choose the best porn websites?

Dozens of porn sites are part of the ranking of the 500 sites most frequented by cybernauts. Google and Facebook are the only pages sharing the internet cake with the sex industry. But how have these web pages become the queens of porn 2.0? First of all for its huge database of millions of videos. There you can find from amateur videos of girls who want to enter the industry to the most memorable scenes of the world pornstars.

Another reason is the frequent update of the website, which ensures that new videos are uploaded daily. All thanks to the thousands of users who come in wanting to see new and quality content. For this, it is essential that these pages have a high loading speed to avoid uncomfortable waits, especially if you are near the most important moment or climax.

When a celebrity’s banned video comes to light, it is very likely that it diffuses through these websites, as they do not impose conditions for their material to be used or coded on other pages. In some media it has been said that even the videos that have a famous celebrity are bought.

The rise of amateur webcams

The beginning of webcamers is usually due to the need to pay for college or, simply, for the eagerness to have the money to indulge their tastes, without depending on anyone. In the case of Maité, she began to undress in front of a webcam for spite. “On one occasion, a friend of the family approached me drunk and told me about the business, about whether I would like to work with him. I said no but I had the little spinach, I started to investigate and I was interested. When I broke up with my boyfriend, in November of last year, I remembered all this and went to a studio in Santa Isabel”.

Undressing before hundreds of unknown people does not guarantee immediate success, and she had it difficult the first two days. On the third day things got better and he started to check in. “I was used to taking off my clothes because of my career, but the first day was strange … There was no one in front of me. I thought this was purely sexual and I undressed and showed my breasts, but nothing happened,” she recalls. The first day a very kind boy told me to get dressed, that my smile was very good … and I started to move away from the carnal to focus on the talk. On the third day I won about two thousand tokens (the virtual currency with which they pay the webcamers, equivalent to 140 pesos each) without having to undress me. This time I increased my viewers, from 20 to 280, and from there the owner of the studio became interested in me, to consent and give me lights, tripods, food or whatever I asked. “