When should I buy a new computer?

Something that is often not done in companies is to work on updating computer equipment. We are not referring to the installation of Windows updates. We mean to optimize our computer for the tasks that we are doing in a certain time.

The work evolves, and IT much faster than we imagine. When you started the business, maybe in the early 2000s, you did not need as much RAM, or you thought you could just manage them with a single screen and now you want two. But always, always have to be updated. Computers are depreciating and that affects your productivity. Updating does not necessarily mean buying a new computer. In this article I will tell you what questions you should ask yourself to see what improvements can be applied to your computer.

Steps to update your computer

  • The symptoms. What do not I like about my computer? What do I want to do with it and I can not? From the moment I turn on the PC, until I turn it off, what are the main problems I have? Lack of speed? Can I not manage certain programs by the little RAM? Is my operating system not ready for what I want? Do I get many viruses?
  • The diagnosis. Why does it happen and how could it be fixed? Once you’ve made that list of problems, think about how it should be. What do I really need? How should things be? “Well I want an operating system that occupies little space and at the same time has a good interface with which I clarify. The problem is that I do not have it and that’s why this and that happens. “
  • The treatment. We apply the remedy. This involves decision making, which is not easy. You have to do a surgical job: if you have to change the antivirus because it is not optimal, it is changed; If you need to format, format. If Internet Explorer is not what you need (it is not), another is downloaded and used as a rule. If you need to change the operating system, use one that has an interface that will be comfortable and useful for our purpose.
  • The healing. My computer is up to date. It is when your computer is really useful for the needs of your business or workplace. “You’re going to work with video, and then you have a proper video card, a high speed, etc.”.